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Wealth per acre

Wealth Per Acre

  • Natraj Publishers (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/2015
  • Printed Pages 230

Globalized industrial agriculture based on the Green Revolution and gene revolution harbors hidden interests, pursuits of monopoly, profits, control huge hidden costs, and capitalistic imperialism. The cost must include the genocide of the Indian farmers and the agony of quarter of a billion Indians that live in hunger and poverty. The concern of the book is to estimate the true cost of the Green Revolution, gene revolution, industrial production and globalised distribution and to compare it with the agro-ecological alternatives.
Agro-ecology is not only an effective treatment for rural poverty but also a necessary realization of the right to food for all. The science of agro-ecology harbors the potential to benefit the most vulnerable people in various regions, countries, and environments and contribute to overall economic development.