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Woman and islam

Women and Islam: An Historical and Theological Enquiry

  • Kali for Women (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/1993
  • Printed Pages 228

The author, who is both a feminist and a Muslim, aims to shed light on the status of women in Islam by examining and reassessing the literary sources as far back as 7th-century Islam. She portrays how, far from being the oppressor of women that his detractors have claimed, the Prophet upheld the equality of all true believers. Sifting through the mass of literature surrounding the life, works and teachings of Muhammad, some surprising facts emerge: such as accounts of the wives of the Prophet discussing politics with him, and even going to war. Later restrictions and impositions on women - such as the veil - were never, she finds, the intention of the Prophet. This is a reconciliation of feminism with the Prophet's thoughts and beliefs, for all who are concerned with the future of the Islamic world.