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Natural dyeing processess of india


  • The Calico Museum (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/1987
  • Printed Pages 298

Studies in Contemporary Textile Crafts of India Series

This unique volume in the Calico Museum of Textiles series on contemporary crafts, documents the fast-declining traditional Indian processes in which natural dyes are used. The first part of the book summaries the information collected from various sources, and includes historical notes, the local names of the dyes used, their botanical names and the procedures followed. The second part studies the processes in the surviving centers of dyeing. There are comprehensive appendices with explanatory notes. A glossary of Indian words also forms part of this book.

Hard bound, with 298 text pages, including 129 black & white plates, 34 cloth samples plates,19 yarn samples and 101 line drawings. Size 29.5. x 21.5 cm. Weight:1.500kg