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Disciplined minds f

DISCIPLINED MINDS -A critical look at salaried professionals and the soul-battering system that shapes their lives

  • Banyan Tree (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/2022
  • Printed Pages 305

Professionals today are not happy campers. After years of worshiping work, many seemingly
successful professionals are disheartened and burned out, not because of their 70-hour workweeks, but because their salaries are all they have to show for their life-consuming efforts. Burned-out professionals may not be immediately obvious to the casual observer, because typically they stay on the job and maintain their usual high level of output. But they feel like they are just going through the motions. They have less genuine curiosity about their work, feel less motivated to do it and get less pleasure from it. The emotional numbness inevitably spreads from their work lives into their personal lives.

Whether you are a professional, a nonprofessional or a student, you will find here an unsettling but empowering new way of looking at yourself, your colleagues, the institution that employs or trains you, and society as a whole. This book strives to arm you with a very practical analytical tool that you can use to your advantage in whatever individual and collective struggles you find yourself in as an employee, student, organization member, consumer or citizen.