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Terra Viva - My Life in a Biodiversity of Movements

  • Womens unlimited (Publisher)
  • Release Date 04/2022
  • Printed Pages 258

Trained as a physicist, Vandana Shiva says, "It was Chipko that made me realise, in intimate detail, how biodiversity is at the heart of sustainable economics." Working with peasant women in her home state of Uttarakhand, she learnt her first lessons in ecology: transferring fertility from the forest to the field. Chipko became her "university' and , turning away from quantum physics, she made the preservation of biodiversity and sustainable societies her life's work.

For over four decades, Vandana Shiva has worked with farmers' and people's movements across the world against what she calls ' see imperialism', economic polarisation, and the digital colonisation of our ecological and social diversity. Her Gandhian philosophy of resistance is rooted in people's power, true science, and real facts. through which she challenges the Billionaires Club of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos, as well as transnational corporations that manipulate and control what we cultivate and consume, and how we communicate, via Big Ag, Big Pharma and Big Data.

This powerful memoir looks back at the most memorable campaigns and movements that she has been part of, while looking ahead to the challenges posed by the VOVID crisis, the privatisation of biotechnology, and the commodification of our biological and natural resources.

"The awareness that Vandana's work and actions provoke is sublime,' says Gilles-Eric Seralini, 'it will bring you light.'