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Portugues civil code

Portuguese Civil Code, 1867

  • F E Noronha (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/2019
  • Printed Pages 551

This massive treatise of 551 pages (HB) presented by Dr. F.E. Noronha analyses the intricacies of the Portuguese Civil Code, which is still the law prevalent in this small but beautiful State of Goa, in relation to marriage, divorce, inheritance and other personal matters. The orderly presentation exudes with lucidity and clarity – despite the inherent complexities of the subject.
The presentation is quite unique because the focus is not just on the text of the law or its translation , but emphasis has also been laid upon the philosophical basis (jurisprudence) of such law, on the interpretation of such law, on the case laws (precedents) which have developed over the years and most importantly, on the commentaries of eminent jurists on the subject.