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Goan emigration

Goan Emigration - Tales of Determination & Grit

  • Goa 1556 (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/2019
  • Printed Pages 140

The origin of Goan emigration can be traced from the time of the French Revolution, so writes J.B. Pinto, whose widely quoted book on the subject has now been reprinted. When in 1799, the then British Indian Government stationed their naval fleet in Goa against a possible attack on their Indian possessions by the French, it became a windfall to the Goans in Goa to supply the requirements of thousands of British naval personnel, who found the Goans, i.e. the Christians, just the sort of people they wanted to work for them, owing to their Western social customs, which they could not find in the rest of India. Thus, Goan cooks, butlers, bakers, tailors, musicians, clerks etc., got exclusive monopolies throughout the length and breadth of the then undivided India. This captures the start of Goan emigration.