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Goa a post colonial society between culture

Goa - A Post Colonial Society Between Cultures

  • Rochelle Almeida (Editor)
  • Goa 1556 (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/2018
  • Printed Pages 278

For centuries Goa was the administrative center of a Portuguese empire that extended west to Africa and east to Malaysia, China and Japan. This volume is an anthology of presentations made at a conference on post-colonial Goa, plus a collection of essays by scholars whose research interests and fields of specialisation embrace similar areas of interdisciplinary inquiry. The book will add to our understanding of the arts, peoples, languages and cultures that made Goa one of the first global entrepots, a focal point and center of diverse world cultures.
In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations
In his critically acclaimed ‘Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television’, author and social critic Jerry Mander proclaimed that television, by its fundamental nature, is dangerous to personal health and sanity, to the environment, and to the democratic process. In this book he goes beyond television to critique our technological society as a whole, tracking its devastating impact on native cultures worldwide. The Western world’s loss of a sense of the sacred in the natural world, he says, has led us toward global environmental disaster and social disorder. Far from creating paradise on Earth, technology has instead produced an unsustainable contest for resources. Mander surveys the major technologies shaping the “new world order” computers, telecommunications, space exploration, genetic engineering, robotics, and the corporation itself and warns that they are merging into a global mega-technology, with dire environmental and political results.

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