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Sita vales

Sita Valles - A Revolutionary Until Death

  • Frederick Noronha (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/2019
  • Printed Pages 189

Sita Valles – a Goan-Portugurese woman with an African heart - was said to have been shot by the political police at five in the morning on 1 August 1977, one shot in each leg, one shot in each arm. Her body fell into the ditch that had been dug for the purpose before the fatal shots struck her. A tractor levelled the site.
Sita Valles was a doctor. She was 26 years old when she was executed without a trial. Her crime? She was a communist, she bitterly opposed the brutal Angolan regime and remained rebellious till the last. She had a short but intense life at a time when it was uncommon for a woman to engage herself to the fullest in politics. Periods of her life remain unknown, impossible to reproduce. But this fascinating story is something that would surely surprise the reader.

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