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Why organic food

Why Organic Food?

  • Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/2018
  • Printed Pages 48

The Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation (MOEF) has published this slim booklet with statistics at a glance of organic farm area, grower groups, food processors etc. in Maharashtra. There are details of organically grown crops in Maharashtra and other parts of the country as well. A small section deals with the concerns of farmers/producers with the impact of the chemicals which contaminates food materials on human’s health. Very interestingly while noting the impact on human health this section often states “God knows (no studies done)”. The booklet has lots of black and white photographs. It also answers frequently asked questions such as: If the whole world goes organic how will we produce enough food to survive? We have been eating non-organic food all along. It hasn’t harmed us, why switch to organic now?