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Indian science and technology in the eighteenth century

The Collected Writings of Dharampal

  • Other India Press (Publisher)
  • Release Date 09/2016

The historical work of Dharampal -- stretching over the past four decades – has stimulated a radically fresh perspective on the nature, design, organization and technological contributions of Indian society.

It has decidedly upset major impressions about Indian society that have been in circulation for several decades and reinforced in Indian schools and colleges. It has undermined the credibility of several conventional theories about Indian society in fields as diverse as irrigation, astronomy, agricultural technology, medicine and the manufacture of metals.

Dharampal’s first book was Panchayati Raj as the basis of Indian Polity (1962). This was followed in 1971 by Civil Disobedience and Indian Tradition. In the same year came his most influential work, Indian Science and Tradition in the Eighteenth Century, and later, The Madras Panchayat System.

The Beautiful Tree: Indigenous Indian Education in the Eighteenth Century was published in 1983. A collection of the most outstanding of Dharampal’s lectures over the years comprises the fifth volume, Essays on Tradition, Recovery and Freedom.

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