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The bhopal reader

The Bhopal Reader

  • Bridget Hann (Editor)
  • Ward Morehouse (Editor)
  • Satinath Sarangi (Editor)
  • Other India Press (Publisher)
  • Release Date 01/2005
  • Printed Pages 307

The Bhopal Gas Disaster has become a macabre symbol of corporate irresponsibility and technological abandon, continuing to torture innocent people without remission for more than twenty years, without hope of permanent relief.
The Bhopal Reader records this all.
It reconstructs the tragedy of this mass disaster from the date of its occurrence in 1984 and subsequent events for the full twenty year period till December 2004.
This it does through a careful selection of original testimonies, reportages and opinion that appeared in various newspapers, court proceedings, commentaries, magazines and books all over the planet, all dealing one way or another with the event and its senseless aftermath.