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Learning from Gandhi

Anu Bandyopadhyaya

Birds of Goa (old)

Heinz Lainer

Birds of Goa

Heinz Lainer
Rahul Alvares
Learning at bodhshala
Nature matters

Nature Matters

Sailendra Nath Ghosh
Danger school

Danger School

Other India Press
Free from school
The call of the snake
An agricultural testament


Childrens Book Trust
My letters my words

My Letters My Words

Bookworm Publishing

The Best Thirteen

National Book Trust
Silent spring

Common Birds

Salim Ali
Laeeq Futehally
The bhopal reader
Learning the heart way
Understanding gandhi
Tending a schoolyard garden


National Book Trust
Snake trouble
22 short trees

22 Short Stories

Childrens Book Trust
A drop in the lake

A Drop in the Lake

R.P. Subramanian
Out of the box

Out of the box

Ms Elizabeth Virkar
Instead of education

Just Look Up

Sadhana Ramchander

Organic Food Marketing

Nina Osswald
Manoj K. Menon
Baingan swaraj

Baingan Swaraj

On composting
New agriculture
Road back to nature
The natural way of farming
Our herbal heritage
The humanure handbook
Living on the edge
Forty common indian trees
A bond of love
Sun magic

Field Days

AJT Johnsingh

Joy of Bird Watching

Vishwa Mohan Tiwari
Home gardening

Home Gardening

R. Abbarna Thooyavathy
Subhashini Sridhar
K. Vijayalakshmi
Gmo myths and truth

GMO Myths and Truths (Hindi)

Michael Antoniou
Claire Roninson
John Fagan
Common trees

Common Trees

H. Santapau


Indrani Das
Romulus Whitaker
Luis de menezes braganza


M. S. Mani
Glps nat wld
Wldotrt cro

The World of Turtles and Crocodiles

Zai and Rom Whitaker
Indraneil Das


Mary Chandy
Fsh aqa

Handbook of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Indian Council of Agricultural Research

The Snakes Around us

Zai and Rom Whitaker

Discovering Goa

Hugh & Colleen Gantzer
Medieval goa

Medieval Goa

Teotonio R de Souza
Anju and the stream

Anju and the Stream

R. P. Subramanian
Soaring spirit

Soaring Spirit

Valmiki Faleiro


Lucio Rodrigues
Village anjuna

Village Anjuna

Domnic P.F. Fernandes
The sting of peppercorns
Environment and development
Legal system in goa vol ii

Passion in Paradise

Christina Fernandes

Goa and the Revolt of 1787

Joaquim Heliodoro da Cunha Rivara
Mundo goa

Mundo Goa

Singbal's Book House
Employment and development in goa

Employment and Development in Goa

Silvia M. de Mendonca e Noronha
Coconut fronds

Coconut Fronds

Anjali Dar Sengupta
English konkani pocket dictionary
English konkani dictionary
Joses dream

Jose's Dreams

Carmo D'Souza


Damodar Mauzo
History of the konkani

History of the Konkan

Rev. Alexander Kyd Nairne
Goa traffic

Goa Traffic

Marissa de Luna
One for the road

One For the Road

Biula V. Cruz e Pereira
Mango mood

Mangoo Mood

Sharmila Kamat
Brown man black country

Slaves of Sultans

Alan Machado (Prabhu)
A historical sketch of goa

An Historical Sketch of Goa

Denis L. Cottineau de Kloguen
Justice at the grassroots

Justice at the Grassroots

Cyril Aleixo Fernandes
Diary of an infantry man

Diary of an Infantry Man

Brig.Ian da Costa VSM Retd.

History Of The Konkan

Rev. Alexander Kyd Nairne
Goan vc
Marios cartoons i
Angelas goan identity


Margaret Mascarenhas
Parish churches of goa
Prayer of the frog ii
Marios travels
Goa 2011

Goa 2011

Savio Abreu
Modern goan
Goa folklore studies

Goa: Folklore Studies

Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai

Mario's Goa

Mario Miranda

Mario's Bombay

Mario Miranda
Written in stone

Written in Stone

Cristina Osswald

Romi Lipient Konknni Kors

Matthew Almeida, S.J.

Ayurvedic Cure for Common Diseases

Dr. N. A. Murthy
D. P. Pandey

Emotional Fitness

Consumer Association of Penang
The power of posture
Owc p005
Exercise as medicine

Exercise as Medicine

Consumer Association of Penang
Nature cure for common diseases
Nature cure

Nature Cure for Common Diseases

Dr.Dhiren Gala
Dr. Sanjay Gala
Konkan english pocket dictionary

Konkani-English Pocket Dictionary

Asian Educational Services


Dr. P.D. Sharma

Yoga - An Instruction Booklet

Vivekananda Kendra Prakashan

Heart Care

Dr. Yatish Agarwal
Heart desease prevention natural cures
Protect your child

Protect Your Child

Consumer Association of Penang
Dos and dont of medicines

Do's and Don'ts of Medicines

Consumer Association of Penang
Halal haram

Halal Haram

Consumer Association of Penang
Diabetes high blood pressure without any fear

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure without any Fear

Dr. Diren Gala
Dr. Sanjay Gala
Minimising exoosure to persistent organic pollutants
Heart disease
Persistent organic pollutants

Persistent Organic Pollultants

Consumer Association of Penang
Vision training programme

Vision Training Programme

Dr. Diren Gala
Dr. D. R. Gala
Dr. Sanjay Gala

Understanding Asthma

Dr. S. K. Sharma
Asthma in children

Asthma in Children

Prof. Dr. O. P. Jaggi
Good bye headache

Goodbye Headache

Dr. Diren Gala
Pregnancy and baby care book

The Pregnancy and Baby-Care Book

Dr. Babalal N. Parikh
Ushabahen B. Parikh
Know more about jaundice
Wheat grass juice

Wheat Grass Juice

Dr. Diren Gala
Family medicine book

The Complete Family Medicine Book

Dr. P. C. Dandiya
Dr. J. S. Bapna
Dr. G. Khilnani
Jeevani ayurveda for women

Ayurveda Unravelled

Sharadini Dahanukar
Urmila Thatte

Reversing Back Pain

Dr. Yatish Agarwal
Dr. A. P. Singh
Magneto therapy

Magneto Therapy

Dr. H. L. Bansal
Dr. R. S. Bansal


Julie Sadler
Health in yr hands vol 1
Health in yr hands vol 2
Overcome stress

Overcoming Stress

Dr. Christan Schriner
Holy basil tulsi
Natural remedies

Natural Remedies

Prof D N Dhar
Rupa Dhar
Dumbing vs down

Dumbing us Down

John Taylor Gatto
Education and peace


Gijubhai Badheka

Roars & Trumpets

Gurpreet Singh

The Sunderbans

Biswajit Roy Chowdhury
Pradeep Vyas
Animals of goa

Animals of India - Mammals

A. K.Sanyal

School Days

Ruskin Bond
Whats in yr bread

What's in Your Bread

Consumer Association of Penang


Consumer Association of Penang
Education for creative living
As westd

How Sugar Destroys Your Health

Consumer Association of Penang
Unsound ultrasound

Unsound Ultrasound

Consumer Association of Penang
Can doctors be trusted

Can Doctors be Trusted ?

Consumer Association of Penang
New but defective cars and tyres

New but Defective Cars and Tyres

Consumer Association of Penang
Laser eye surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

Consumer Association of Penang
How unsafe is yr mobile phone

How Unsafe is your Mobile Phone

Consumer Association of Penang
Whats wrong with eating meat

What's Wrong with Eating Meat

Consumer Association of Penang

Fashion That Hurts

Consumer Association of Penang
The story of paper
The west   islam

The West & Islam

Erskine B. Childers
War on iraq

War on Iraq

Stephen J Sniegoski
Prospect of war and peace

Prospects of War

Frederic F. Clairmont
Do clothes make the person
The hidden oracle of india

The Hidden Oracle of India

Andrew and Angela Donovan
Remembering dharampal
Metaboli syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome

Consumer Association of Penang
The real thing in soft drinks

The Real Thing in Soft Drinks

Consumer Association of Penang
Dont be a victime of mindless buying

Don't Be A Victim of Mindless Buying

Consumer Association of Penang
What you should know about genetically modified foods

Genetically Modified Foods

Consumer Association of Penang
Is msg safe

Is MSG Safe ?

Consumer Association of Penang
How much salt is hidden in yr food

How Much Salt is Hidden in Your Foods

Consumer Association of Penang
Non stick pans can cause sickness

Hidden Dangers in Vaccines

Consumer Association of Penang
Health supplement which are unsafe

Health Supplements

Consumer Association of Penang

Vegetables A Nutrition Guide

Consumer Association of Penang
Our immune system

Our Immune System

Consumer Association of Penang

Fruits A Nutrition Guide

Consumer Association of Penang
Cosmetic and personal care products

Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Consumer Association of Penang
Low level radiation

Low-Level Radiation

Consumer Association of Penang


Shanta Rameshwar Rao
Mushroom growing

Aple Vrksha - 1

Prof. Shri D. Mahajan

Deshi Vrksha - 2

Prof. Shri D. Mahajan
From fat to fit

From Fat to Fit

Dr. D. R. Gala
Dr. Dhiren Gala
Dr. Sanjay Gala
Ayuvedic diet
Natural women

Natural Women

Penelope Sach
Holistic medicin

Holistic Medicine

Dr. K. Madhavan Kutty
Healthy documents

Healthy Documents

compiled by Lakshmi Menon
Images of breast feeding


Hydrose Aaluwa
Totto chan


Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
The armies of god

Armies of God

Iain Buchanan
The discovery of the child
Flowers of sahyadri

Flowers of Sahyadri

Shrikant Ingalhalikar
Animal world

Animal World

Lt-Col. A. David
Shiva Kumar
Animal fair

Animal Fair

Sharmila Kantha
School days
Adventure stories

Adventure Stories

Arup Kumar Dutta
The best thirteen
Talk of the town

Talk of the Town

Jerry Pinto
Rahul Srivastava
Animal quiz

Animal Quiz

Maneka Gandhi
Toy treasures
Confronting academic knowledge

Confronting Academic Knowledge

Sue-san Ghahremani Ghajar
Kornelias kitchen

Kornelia's Kitchen

Kornelia Santoro
Bombay meri jan
A bear for felicia
Fish curry and rice

Fish Curry Rice

Claude Alvares
The secret life of plants

Secret Life of Plants

Peter Tompkins
Christopher Bird
Regenerating the soil
Magnet therapy

Magnet Therapy

Dr. D. R. Gala
Dr. Diren Gala
Dr. Sanjay Gala
Redefining education
My pumpkin roof

My Pumpkin Roof

Earthcare Books
The one straw revolution
Poisons in our food

Poisons in our Food

Dr. Vandana Shiva
Dr. Mira Shiva
Dr. Vaibhav Singh
Folktales from norway
Folk tales from africa
Aha activities
Wonders of the deep sea
Rich lands poor people
Vitamins that heal


Harish Johari
Herbs that heal
Care of the eyes

Care of the Eyes

Dr. D. R. Gala
Dr. Dhiren Gala
Dr. Sanjay Gala
Backache prevention and cure

Backache - Prevention and Cure

Dr. D. R. Gala
Dr. Dhiren Gala
Dr. Sanjay Gala
Mental fitness
This earth of ours
Yesterday in paradise
Legends from indian history

Legends from Indian History

Retold by A. K. Ghosh
Biogas a boon
Folk tales from sweden
Folk tales from japan
Folk tales from china
Grannys sari

Granny's Sari

Asha Nehemiah
The wonderful world of insects

The Wonderful World of Insects

Harinder Dhanoa Motihar
Little toys

Little Toys

Arvind Gupta
More puzzles

More Puzzles

Shakuntala Devi
Wedding clothes

Wedding Clothes

Asha Nehemiah
A house with a terrace

A House with a Terrace

Tanuka Bhaumik Endow
The walking tree
Spoken portuguese
Tending our land

Tending our land

M. G. Jackson
Nyla Coelho
Lie organic farming at mojo
The suns handkerchief
Prevent heart disease and prolong life

Prevent Heart Disease and Prolong Life

Dr. D. R. Gala
Dr. Diren Gala
Dr. Sanjay Gala
The book of indian trees
Seeds of plenty seeds of hope
Mine no more

Mine No More

Centre for Science and Environment
Tales from indian classics bk i
Tales from indian classics iii


Victor Rangel-Ribeiro
Kudrati kheti

Kudreti Kheti

Rajendra Choudheri
Health and light
Handbook of nature cure
Avante goeses avante
Wild flowers of goa
Monsoon winds

Monsoon Winds

Fundacao Oriente
Plenty for all

Plenty for All

Shripad A. Dabholkar


Vandana Shiva
A feast of vulture
Water and water pollution

Water & Water Pollution

S. A. Abbasi
Naseema Abbasi
Environmental awareness and wildlife conservation
30 teenage stories
Tales from indian classic bk ii
Mulla nasruddin

Mulla Nasruddin

Sampurna Chattrarji
The toy bag

Toy Bag

Arvind Gupta
Education in india

Education in India

Padma Ramachandran
Vasantha Ramkumar


Olivinho J. F. Gomes
The last commodity

The Last Commodity

Nancy Scheper - Hughes
Wonders o the deep sea
Democratic schools


Jakob Ludwig Grimm
Wilhelm Karl Grimm
The dog and his reflecton
Rusi and pussy
The ants and the grasshopper
Once upon a time in goa

Once Upon a Time in Goa

Pantaleao Fernandes
Goan home wines
Home style cuisine
The chef

The Chef

Isidore Coelho
High blood cholesterol
The culinary heritage of goa
Konkan cookbook

Konkan Cookbook

Sanjeev Kapoor
Planet goa wine and dine


Padma Mahale
Jaivik kheti


Usha Vaman Bale
Traditional taste of goa

Traditional Taste of Goa (Marathi)

Kumudini Usgaokar
Shama Sardesai
Ten little fingers
Enviro challenge
Cozinha de goa

Cozinha de Goa

Fatima da Silva Gracias

Desserts First

Pallavi Salgaocar
Kornelia kitchen 2
Good food and lots more
Party cooking

Party Cooking

Sanjeev Kapoor
Ayurvedic cooking for all


Amita Nayak Salatry
Cakes and bakes

Cakes & Bakes

Sanjeev Kapoor
Home nutrition garden

Home Nutrition Garden

Consumer Association of Penang
How sleep affects  yr body

How Sleep Affects your Mind

Consumer Association of Penang
How toxic is your cup of coffee

How Toxic is your Cup of Coffee

Consumer Association of Penang
Voyage to goa and back

Voyage to Goa and back, 1583-1592

Jan Huyghen Van Linschoten

The Indo-Portuguese House

Akeru Barros Pereira
Gerard da Cunha
A living architectural splendour
High risks in caesarean births

High Risks in Caesarean Births

Consumer Association of Penang
Legal system in goa vol i
Why i am not malcolm
Naturopathy for longevity
Diet cure for common ailments
Blair the lie machine

Blair : The Lie Machine

Frederic F. Clairmont
Home gardening

Home Gardening

Pratibha P. Trivedi
Preservation of foods and vegetables 001

Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables

Girdhari Lal
G. S. Siddappaa
G. L. Tandon
Exorcising anthropologys demons

Exorcising Anthropology's Demons

Frederique Apffel-Marglin
Margaret Bruchac
Konkani oparincho kox
The salt of the earth
Traditional family medicines vegetables


K H Krishnamurthy
Do clothes make the person
Understanding international organisations
Fruits 001


Ranjit Singh
Revisting high blood pressure 001
Toxic trans fat

Toxic Trans Fat

Consumer Association of Penang
Immunology revisited

Immunology Revisited

Manu Kothari
Lopa Mehta
In quest of freedom
Onion and garlic 001

Onion and Garlic

K H Krishnamurthy
Hiv aids revisited

HIV - Aids Revisited

Manu Kothari
Lopa Mehta
Celebration of zapatismo
The crumbling of empire

USA The Crumbling of Empire

Dr. Frederic F. Clairmont
Living dying
Spoken konkani

Spoken Konkani

Edward de Lima
Refiguring goa

Refiguring Goa

Raghuraman S. Trichur
Aidas ever after
Nature of bone and joint

Nature of Bone and Joint

Manu Kothari
Lopa Mehta
M Natarajan
Drought but why 001

Drought But Why

Richard Mahapatra
The tyranny of economics
Fatimahs rampung
Shorty gomes

Shorty Gomes

Ahmed Bunglowala
Iraq the torments of empire

Iraq The Torments of Empire

Frederic F. Clairmont
Esvasa organic yellow pages

eSvasa Organic Yellow Pages

Suruchi Ailawadi
Vandana Sudhakar Dutt
Muslin christian ties in europe
Laurie baker

Laurie Baker

Atul Deulgaonkar
Red alert
Dien bien phu
Subverting islam
India and the west


Anil Awachat
Asphyxiating asia

Asphyxiating Asia

Thomas Mac Sheoin
Life in plastic

Life in Plastic

Robert Edwards
Rachel Kellett
For they have their own thoughts
Post harvest management and processing of fruits and vegetables
The good society

The Good Society

Ganesh Pangare
Vasudha Lokur
Goa history and culture
The permanent resident
Other face of cancer

The Other Face of Cancer

Manu Kothari
Lopa Mehta
Sendriya sheti

Neem a user's guide

Subhashini Sridhar
K. Vijayalakshmi
Secrets of the soil

Secrets of the Soil

Peter Tompkins
Christopher Bird


Shamika Mone
Nuri alk010

Nutri Talk

Rohini Diniz
Auto urine therapy

Auto-Urine Theraphy

By an Experienced Physician
Drink juices quell disease
The pontin secret004

The Pontin Secret

Dr. Sushila Fonseca
Towards new education
Decolonising the university


A. S. Neil

Konkani Basic Course

Matthew Almeida, S.J.

Yoga Therapy

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
Green dream

Green Dreams

C.B. Ramkumar
Mom recipes002

Mom's Recipes

Smita Uday Kamat


K. Vijayalakshmi
Preston Ahimaz
Truth in architecture
Indian science and technology in the eighteenth century

The Collected Writings of Dharampal

With an introduction by Claude Alvares
Invisible currents003

Invisible Currents

Dr. Sushila Fonseca
Why organic food

Why Organic Food?

Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation
Easy to make goan dishes
Peepal a divine gift

Peepal a Divine Gift

Dr. V.K. Mohan & Dr. Varsha Parasharami
Goa matters in lore and letters
Truth in architecture
Celebrating joel dsouza
Taste of goa

Taste of Goa

Beryl Vieira Coutinho
Goa rare portraits

Goa Rare Portraits

Pantaleao Fernandes
Flavour of nationalism

Khari - Journeys through Kachchh

Sujatha Padmanabhan and Shruthi Ramakrishna
People and the wildlife

People and Wildlife

Tanya Majmudar & Sujatha Padmanabhan
Sheo to the rescue
Po prick his toe
The ghost of the mountains
Wildlife in a city pond
Critters around our homes
The world of the weaver
The luso indian stethoscope

The Luso-Indian Stethoscope

Shirley Louise Gonsalves
Light on photography
Beyond bandra

Beyond Bandra

Edwin Fernandes
Learning to learn
Under the mango tree
Masci the man behind the legend
The goan village communities

Goan Village Communities

Fr. Visitacao Monteiro
In the absence of the sacred
Goa travels

Goa Travels

Manohar Shetty
Medicinal plants
Traditional taste of goa

Traditional Taste of Goa (English)

Mrs. Kumudini Usgaonkar & Mrs. Shama Sardesai
Birds of goa

Birds of Goa

Bikram Grewal & Savio Fonseca


Mary Chandy
Trees and shrubs of india

Trees & Shrubs of India

Pradeep Sachdeva & Vidya Tongbram
Reptiles of india

Reptiles of India

Indraneil Das & Abhijit Das
Mammals of india

Mammals of India

Bikram Grewal & Rohit Chakravarty
Konkani folk tales

Konkani Folk Tales

Olivinho J. F. Gomes
The life and times of t b cunha